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GIS for Surveyors Webinar Series – Part 6: What does the future hold?

Join us for the final session in our series, looking at what the future holds.

We are pleased to present a six part series of webinars with a focus on providing background information, hints and tips and more on using GIS in surveying. The series is being hosted by some of our wonderful NSW members but is open to professionals from across Australia!

The Series

The event topics are:

  • Where do I Start? GIS Basics
  • Where to find open data? How to use it?
  • Converting to/from GIS and CAD
  • Geospatial data management and automation
  • Data exchange
  • What does the future hold? (this session)

Session Six

GIS and surveying are rapidly converging – but what does this mean for you and your organisation? The future holds many exciting opportunities to do our work faster, better and more efficiently – join us in this webinar to understand more about: 

  • Visualization of data through mimicking the real world (Spatial Digital Twin) above ground and below ground (Utility pipelines, Telco) 
  • Streamlining the capture of big data (e.g. Sensors) through automated processing focusing on data security and data storage, and 
  • Managing data by seeing it as an asset with a defined life cycle, including defining parameters of all data coming into the organization and defining who and when data gets maintained and validated (full transparency). 

This webinar provides a great opportunity to understand in simple terms some of the changes that are happening in how our industry works, and to ask questions about what the impacts might be for you.

Registrations close two (2) hours prior to the webinar.

By registering above, you receive access to the watch the webinar live OR if you can’t watch it live, you receive the link to the recording 24 hours after the event date. You can then watch the recording at your leisure.

Registration is FREE for members and a low price of $55 for non-members.


GCA-CPD: 1 CPD point
BOSSI: SSSINSW2033 – 1 Survey Practice point
LSLB: 1 General Education point
FPET: 1 Other point

Note, only the individual registered for the event is entitled to receive the associated CPD point/s.