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Refund Policy


  • This policy outlines the rules and procedure for refunding fees paid to The Geospatial Council of Australia.
  • This policy covers all current and potential Geospatial Council of Australia. members, applicants for other services, and participants in The Geospatial Council of Australia events.
  • The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the oversight, implementation, and review of this policy.
  • This policy is compliant with Australian consumer law.

1. Membership Fees

Membership Fees – No Refund
i) The Geospatial Council of Australia.provides written notice in the form of emailed invoices to all Members and Membership applicants who are required to pay Membership Fees.
ii) The Membership period is the full financial year (1 July – 30 June).
iii) If Membership is activated between October and May, a pro-rated Membership Fee will apply.
iv) The notice will specify the details of the membership fee being collected including the period covered and the Membership Fee payable.
i) The Member becomes entitled to the benefits of Membership upon receipt of payment and approval by the The Geospatial Council of Australia. Membership Sub-Committee.
vi) All Membership Fees paid to The Geospatial Council of Australia are non-refundable and non-transferrable, subject to Section 3 below.

2. Application Fees

a. Application fees payable for Certification (new and renewal) and Migration Assessments are payable regardless of the outcome of the application.
b. The application will only be processed after the Fee has been received in full.
c. The applicant becomes entitled to use the appropriate certification designation upon receipt of payment of the Fees and approval by the relevant The Geospatial Council of Australia. assessment panel.
d. All Certification and Migration Assessment Application Fees paid to The Geospatial Council of Australia. are non-refundable, subject to Section 3 below.

3. Event Registration Fees

a. Registration Fees for past recorded webinar content or “e-CPD” are non-refundable.
b. Registration Fees for live webinar and in-person events will generally be refundable up to 48 hours prior to the event, though this can differ depending on the logistical arrangements of the event. The refund policy and associated procedure for each event is available via the relevant registration portals on the The Geospatial Council of Australia website. Note: a cancellation fee may be charged to cover the administration costs of the booking and subsequent cancellation.
c. The Geospatial Council of Australia reserves the right to cancel or reschedule all events, change speakers, or revise content as deemed necessary.
d. In the unfortunate circumstance of The Geospatial Council of Australia postponing an event, registered attendees will have the option to transfer their registration to the new date or be entitled to a full refund of Registration Fees.
e. While The Geospatial Council of Australia will make every effort to reschedule events where possible, occasionally an event may need to be cancelled due to matters outside of our control. In this instance, all registrants will receive a full refund of Registration Fees.

4. Shop purchases

Replacement Barcodes
For replacement barcodes, please send your address details and the number of the label to be replaced to


a. For Clauses 2(a), 2(b) and 2(c)(i) above, a refund will be considered in the following circumstances:
i) identified overpayments for goods and services
ii) an error has been made by The Geospatial Council of Australia.
iii) exceptional circumstances.

b. Clause 5(a)(iii) “exceptional circumstances” do not include:
i) where a member/applicant/registrant changes their mind
ii) where the member/applicant/registrant decides they can’t afford the product/service
iii) where the member/applicant/registrant finds an alternative at a more competitive price
iv) incorrect choice of product/service by the member/applicant/registrant

c. Should a request for refund be made in line with Clause 3(a), the following procedure applies:
i) the request must made in writing to with supporting documentation attached where relevant e.g. invoice/receipt as proof of payment, Medical Certificate
ii) an assessment of the reason given for the refund will be considered on its individual merits by the relevant staff member and approved by the Chief Executive Officer within 14 working days. The request for refund will be reviewed against any contractual agreements that may be applicable, to determine any The Geospatial Council of Australia. obligations, conditions, or restrictions.
iii) If approved, the refund will be processed within seven working days following confirmation by the CEO and will normally be made by EFT, however if payment was made by credit card, the refund will be made back to the same credit card.

Last updated on 12 April 2023.