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Space + Spatial

2030 Space+Spatial Industry Growth Roadmap

The nine recommendations in the 2030 Roadmap will ensure that Australia can be self-sufficient in providing essential data and services to support areas of national importance including land and water security, emergency management, autonomous systems and smart cities management. Achieving these objectives will have significant implications, such as addressing climate change, improving disaster resilience, bolstering defence, and safeguarding our critical infrastructure.

This is merely the start of our endeavours to establish geospatial technology as a fundamental part of our nation’s economy.

The 2030 Roadmap steers government policy makers towards Australia’s economic success, societal wellbeing and national security.

This will be achieved by our ability to collect, disseminate and understand data. Australia’s space and geospatial capabilities are central to achieving that aim.

space+spatial working group
The working group at the official launch of the Roadmap in March 2023.

About the Roadmap

The 2030 Space+Spatial Industry Growth Roadmap is a collaborative effort from SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre, the Geospatial Council of Australia, Geospatial Information & Technology Association ANZ (GITA), Asia Pacific Aerospace Consultants and Frontier SI.
Spatial workforce roadmap

The Roadmap is the product of extensive, industry-wide consultation, setting out nine high-priority objectives that, if undertaken, will help ensure Australia’s interlinked space and spatial industries maximise their growth potential, and deliver critical services to Australia’s governments, commercial and defence sectors, and the wider community.

Published in March 2023 and presented to the Australian Space Agency, the Roadmap not only lays out how Australia should develop its space and spatial capabilities and technologies, but how exploring the current and potential value for Australia arising from the intersection of the two.

Read the full 2030 Space + Spatial Industry Growth Roadmap:
Executive Version | Extended Version.

Read the full media release

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