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Surveying & Spatial Volunteers Strategy

Surveying & Spatial Volunteers Strategy
There is something special about the camaraderie that develops when teams of geospatial professionals work together to make a difference to the community. This was witnessed firsthand when the international geospatial community joined Australian volunteers in mapathons to support bushfire readiness and recovery after the 2019-20 Australian Bushfires.

Volunteerism is an opportunity to use our reach, skills and expertise, and build capabilities and arrangements to support the wider community to prevent, prepare, respond and recover from natural disasters.

The aim to work with existing volunteer organisations and networks to provide opportunities for our members and the surveying and spatial sector more broadly. In addition, work closely with government and non-government organisations (NGOs) to understand the trends, issues and needs across our sector. This will enable us to adapt and develop projects targeted towards volunteering where it matters most.

For many of our members, the pathways to volunteering are not clear, and the time critical nature of some activities means that opportunities are often missed. There is also a lack of national coordination, and a disconnection between available volunteering opportunities and peoples’ interests.

We need to make it easier for our profession to get involved. However, we can’t do this alone. This initiative will require a collective effort to develop the necessary pathways and partnerships to suit the various community needs and preferences of our volunteers.

Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute has launched the Surveying & Spatial Volunteers Strategy 2022-2025. This strategy was prepared by SSSI’s Disaster Management and Recovery Special Interest Group

This document represents the first stage in seeking broader input and support for a volunteer program targeted at using surveying and spatial skillsets for community resilience building.

Download the Surveying & Spatial Volunteers Strategy

Though this consultation has concluded, we still welcome your feedback at