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6 – 10 APRIL 2025 Brisbane, Queensland

The Geospatial Council of Australia looks forward to welcoming the international surveying community for the FIG Working Week 2025 which will be held in Brisbane, Queensland from 6 – 10 April 2025.

The theme for FIG Working Week 2025 is Collaboration, Innovation and Resilience: Championing a Digital Generation.

Collaboration is crucial in surveying as it involves multiple stakeholders, from landowners to government agencies, who need to work together to achieve common goals. Innovation encourages surveying professionals to stay ahead of the curve by exploring and adopting new tools and methods. Resilience highlights the need for surveying professionals to be flexible, adaptable, and responsive to changing circumstances.

Overall, the theme of collaboration, innovation, and resilience: championing a digital generation was selected to promote a more collaborative, innovative, and resilient approach to surveying that embraces digital technologies and empowers a new generation of surveying professionals to succeed in an ever-changing landscape.

The Convenor for FIG Working Week 2025 is Steve Jacoby, Executive Director, Spatial Information at Department of Resources (Queensland) who has 23 years’ experience as a Senior Executive with the Queensland and Victorian Governments, leading their Spatial Information businesses. Steve has a keen interest in information management and seeing the use of spatial information reach its potential within government, business and the public.

The Program Chair is surveyor, Peter James who is the Business Development Manager, Cohga an Australian company with a focus on the development of IT products, and the provision of associated professional services. Peter is also the son of Earl James, Australia’s first and only FIG President.

FIG Working Week 2025 is a great opportunity for Australia’s geospatial community to showcase their technical expertise, strong research capability and warm hospitality.

For further details about FIG2025 visit:

FIG 2025 6 – 10 April