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Consulting Endorsement

From 27 March 2023 the Geospatial Council will provide the consulting endorsements for Queensland Surveyors using the same procedures and assessors that were in place under SIBA|GITA.  There will be no interruption to Consulting Endorsement services as a result of this action.

Legislative requirement

In Queensland, if you want to run a cadastral surveying business or charge a fee for cadastral surveying services, under Section 76 of the Surveyors Act 2003 you must have a Consulting Endorsement

This Act establishes the Board of Surveyors, which is responsible for the registration and endorsement of surveyors and the administration of the Act.

The Board have outsourced the assessment of the Competency Framework to the Geospatial Council to facilitate the necessary Competency Review and issue a Certificate of Competency (a service previously provided by one of our founding organisations, the Spatial Business Industries Association). Your assessment will be conducted by endorsed Surveying Professionals who are SBQ accredited.



Application fees range from $750 to $1,250 (+GST) depending on your GCA membership status.

To receive a package of information and make contact with the administrator for consulting endorsements, please email


A Registered Surveyor may apply for a Consulting Endorsement and satisfy the Board that they have the appropriate combination of qualifications, knowledge, skills and expertise to provide consulting services.

The Competency Framework for endorsement as a Consulting Surveyor as prescribed under section 39 of the Act describes the competency Units, Elements and Descriptors that must be met for endorsement as a Consulting Surveyor.

The key is to demonstrate how you have met or fulfilled each of the Elements and Descriptors in the Framework i.e., not just what you did, but how you did it and provide documentary evidence as examples to support your application.

Competency framework

The latest version of the Competency Assessment Framework can be downloaded from the SBQ website.