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Special Interest Groups

Positioning, Navigation & Timing

Accurate and reliable PNT information is essential for many critical activities, such as guiding aircraft, ships, and land vehicles, coordinating emergency response, and synchronizing communication networks.

The PNT-SIG will promote policies and initiatives that support the growth and development of PNT technologies.

Positioning, Navigation & Timing
Our energies will focus on:
• Advocating for funding and resources to support research and development of PNT technologies, as well as for the deployment and maintenance of PNT systems.
• Working with government agencies to establish standards and regulations that ensure the accuracy and reliability of PNT technologies
• Championing policies that encourage the adoption of PNT systems across different industries and applications.
• Supporting initiatives that promote education and workforce development in the PNT field, such as scholarships, training programs, and mentoring opportunities.
• Facilitating collaboration and networking opportunities among PNT professionals, researchers, and industry stakeholders to promote innovation and knowledge-sharing.

Our aim is to ensure that accurate and reliable location and timing information is available to support critical activities across a wide range of sectors and champion the continued advancement of PNT technologies.

The formation of this SIG is still in its infancy stage. Further details to come!