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ANZSCO Review: Preliminary proposed changes

ANZSCO Review: Preliminary proposed changes

In August, the Geospatial Council of Australia made a submission to the Australian Government’s review of the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO), advocating for increased recognition of geospatial professions. The important work on the GCA submission was led by Danika Bakalich, Executive Manager, Workforce and Strategy.

We are pleased to provide you with an update on the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) ANZSCO Review (Round 2) Preliminary Proposed Changes.

ABS is making important adjustments to ANZSCO. These changes are designed to provide a more accurate representation of the geospatial workforce in Australia, and they include the following key modifications:

Retire the occupation “Surveyor” (232212) and replace with proposed occupations:

    • Engineering Surveyor (232215)
      • Specialisation:
        • Construction Surveyor
    • Land Surveyor (232216)
      • Specialisation:
        • Registered or Licensed Land Surveyor
    • Mine Surveyor (232217)
    • Surveyors and Spatial Scientists nec (232299)
      • Occupations within this group include:
        • Geodetic Surveyor
        • Hydrographic Surveyor

All occupations under these classifications sit at Skill Level 1 and more detail is provided around tasks.

Proposed change to the principal title “Other Spatial Scientist” (232214) to “Geospatial Specialist” (232214). 

    • Specialisations include:
      • Geospatial Analyst
      • GIS Consultant
      • GIS Manager

All occupations under this classification sit at Skill Level 1 and this proposed change includes greater detail related to tasks.  

Proposed change to the title “Surveying or Spatial Science Technician” include:

    • Geospatial Technician (312123)
      • Alternative title:
        • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Officer
    • Surveying Technician (312124) more detail around tasks. Both occupations sit at Skill Level 2
      • Specialisation:
        • Survey Draftsperson

All occupations under these classifications sit at Skill Level 2 and more detail is provided around tasks.

Retire the classification “Surveyor’s Assistant” (821915) and replace with proposed occupation:

  • Surveyor’s Assistant (821916)
  • Alternative Title:
    • Surveying Assistant

This occupation now sits at Skill Level 4 (previously at Skill Level 5), while proposing the inclusion of additional functions/tasks.

All the proposed changes can be viewed here.

GCA views these proposed changes positively, as they are expected to provide a more accurate assessment of the geospatial workforce across Australia. Our commitment is to collaborate with the ABS and industry stakeholders to enhance visibility and promote positive developments within the sector.

It should be noted that these changes are part of a process, and we were under no illusion that it would take a few steps in the process to get to where we think we need to be. This progress is very pleasing so far. It is gratifying that GCA’s submission, carefully prepared after wide consultation, has influenced ABS in these important changes, and we look forward to continuing to provide input into further significant changes that better position the geospatial sector.

You can view GCA’s full ANZSCO review submission here.

We will continue to keep you updated as we work towards a more transparent and representative classification system for the geospatial industry in Australia.