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Geospatial Excellence Award winners SA

Geospatial Excellence Award winners SA
Congratulations to the following 2023 South Australia award winners, which were announced at our Awards Reception in Adelaide on Friday 27 October. These state winners are now eligible for the prestigious Oceanic competition, which will be announced as part of the Locate Conference in Sydney in May 2024.

Environment & Sustainability Award:  

OZ Minerals, GP One Consulting & Esri Australia for DigiSHEC

The DigiSHEC (Digital Safety Health Environment Community) App is a gold standard for mining exploration, conceived to ensure Oz Minerals (now BHP) are accurately managing records of safety whilst running global mining exploration activities. GP One Consulting evolved Oz Minerals’ global exploration teams from hundreds of paper-based forms to Esri’s ArcGIS Online Survey123 platform, centralising the user experience through a custom-built mobile app. This app now couples SaaS based technologies that include ArcGIS Online Notebooks and Microsoft Power Automate to provide an authoritative, offline and automated data entry and reporting platform, in multiple languages for global mining interests. Judges said it is a great application of Survey123 technology towards tackling health and safety. The technical solution is well thought out and looks appealing.

Community Impact Award:

Queensland Department of Environment and Science & GP One Consulting for QWildlife Koalas

The QWildlife Koalas app has been designed to help future-proof the koala population one picture at a time. The app is encouraging Queenslanders to become citizen scientists by allowing them to record Koala photos and locations in our bush or urban landscapes, assisting QPWS to ensure their mapping is current and conservation efforts are focused where they need to be. Judges said the app was easy to use and should have a positive impact on Koalas and community awareness of the need to protect koalas.

Geospatial Enablement Award:

OZ Minerals, GP One Consulting & Esri Australia for DigiSHEC

DigiSHEC was conceived and developed to ensure accurate safety record management in global mining exploration activities. Judges commented that having such an application to streamline the operations will always be beneficial to the stakeholders. This application is a good example of integration between various technologies. In this case, Esri and Microsoft technologies are used along with custom development.

Northern Territory Geospatial Enablement Award:

Aerometrex and NT Farmers for their Advancing Holistic Agricultural Practices and Land Stewardship through LiDAR Innovation

The NT Farmers LiDAR Project exemplifies the application of spatial information and advanced methodology in a non-spatial market or project. Traditionally, land and water management practices heavily relied on ground-level inspections and manual assessments. By introducing LiDAR technology, the project showcased the transformative potential of spatial data in enhancing decision-making and improving outcomes. The project’s objective was to support landowners in the NT to adopt modern, novel remote sensing techniques and enable them to adopt holistic land management practices to diversify their assets and increase profitability, all while increasing their sense of stewardship of the land.

Technical Excellence Award:

OZ Minerals, GP One Consulting & Esri Australia again for DigiSHEC

DigiSHEC was conceived and developed to ensure accurate safety record management in global mining exploration activities. DigiSHEC is a field data collection app supported on Windows, Android and iOS for Oz Minerals’ teams to fill out necessary data regarding work around an exploration project. Forms based on Survey123 are wrapped in a custom application that assists users adding data to the correct project. Dashboards and reports are stored and viewed from both ArcGIS Online or DigiSHEC itself. DigiSHEC handles many workflows related to exploration. Judges commented that DigiSHEC is a great example of using systems and tools to create a single application to replace traditional paper based forms for data collection and the data analysis and insights that can be created with having all information integrated in a common environment.

Innovation Award for Medium to Large Businesses:

Australian Bureau of Statistics for the 2021 Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA)

The SEIFA product ranks areas across Australia according to their relative socio-economic advantage and disadvantage based on Census variables. It is used to deliver important services to communities, undertake research, and deliver place-based programs. For the first time, the 2021 SEIFA product is available as geospatially enabled web services, allowing more users than ever to seamlessly ingest valuable socio-economic data into their desktop GIS, web application or platform of choice.

International Partnership Award:

Aerometrex for the Las Vegas High Resolution 3D Reality Mesh Model Project

Aerometrex delivered a multi-scale, multi-resolution 3D photogrammetry mesh dataset of Las Vegas to videogame developer Codemasters to assist in the track creation for the EA SPORTS F1® 23 videogame. This project involved an Australian company delivering a product to a global giant in the entertainment industry and adding a core dataset to a product played by millions of people globally. The team an ultra-high-quality 3D reality mesh mode that mixed 5cm, 2cm GSD resolutions, and street-level sub-cm together. Precise spatial data underpinned the model, ensuring the visual fidelity matched real-world accuracy. Apart from on-location photography, the entire process was planned and managed by Aerometrex staff in the Adelaide head office. The team in Adelaide was entirely responsible for processing the data ready for delivery to the international client.

Award for Workforce Development and Inclusion:

Australian Spatial Analytics & Fugro for their Onshore Lidar Processing utilising a Neurodiverse workforce

Fugro’s commitment to positive social impacts and desire to meet client requirements for data security, lead to a partnership between Fugro and Australian Spatial Analytics (ASA). ASA and Fugro have strongly addressed skills gaps and development of workforce through training and educational programs, and demonstrated benefits. Judges said it was a strong approach to increasing diversity and inclusion in the organisations, and in the broader industry.

Diversity and Inclusion Award:

Georgie Cassar

Georgie is an exceptional individual who embodies the qualities of an inclusive leader and champion of others. Her remarkable contributions to Women in Geospatial Science network have paved the way for numerous women to advance personally and professionally. Georgie has created a supportive environment, organising presentation opportunities at prominent industry events, hosting networking events and fostering an inclusive space for all women in the geospatial sciences field. As Geospatial Team Leader at the City of Port Adelaide Enfield she’s provided invaluable training and support; opening doors to promising career opportunities for countless women and other diverse groups in South Australia. Judges commented that Georgie is a trailblazer who is making real and tangible, positive contributions to the role and position of women in our industry in general and makes a difference to individual women’s careers as well.

Undergraduate Student Award:

Luke Pringle

Luke is currently undertaking his honours year for a Bachelor of Environmental Science. He is working on a project using Artificial Intelligence to detect bushfire smoke in satellite imagery as an early response system. By exploring the potential of transfer learning on a Convolutional Neural Network, he is adapting it to utilise Sentinel-2 data instead of Landsat 8 data, expanding the scope of constant fire smoke surveillance. This could significantly reduce the costs of bushfires in Australia. Judges commented that it was a great example of machine learning and GIS coming together, with a nice topical application that will only increase in todays changing climate environment.

Postgraduate Student Award:

Marcio DaSilva

Marcio is a unique and exemplary post-graduate student who entered Flinders University with working experience in three continents and a zeal to learn about geospatial science. Currently he is working on a multi-disciplinary PhD thesis entitled; “Monitoring Coastal Dune Changes with Geospatial Technology” which is due to be completed by the end of 2023. It is comprised of three first-authored publications in peer reviewed scientific journals. The research has applied various field and space-based geospatial methods to study coastal dunes across South Australia. Judges commented that it was a great effort in contributing to the coastal dune researching covering large areas, and that it was nice to see this application of GIS and remote sensing being contributed to field and research work for land and water environmental issues

Future Leader of the Year Award:

Harris Crettenden

Harris, has demonstrated exceptional performance at the Indigenous Land Corporation (ILSC) and beyond. Joining ILSC straight out of university, he quickly became a vital part of their Geospatial services, contributing to core mapping services and developing web mapping applications for emergency responses. Harris’s leadership skills shine as he actively mentors, manages teams during organisational changes, and serves on professional committees. He is dedicated to continuous professional education and plays an active role in the Geospatial Council of Australia. Harris’s passion for geospatial technology and leadership qualities make him a deserving recipient of this award. Judges said Harris was an excellent winner for future leader of the year considering the contextual and professional contributions in this strategically important area.

Professional of the Year:

Neil Hewitt

Neil is a respected member of the hydrographic community and is distinguished for his unwavering integrity and work ethic. Neil is a CPHS1, has a Master of Science, Hydrography (Cat A) from University of Plymouth, and nearly 40 years’ experience in the profession, starting at the Royal Australian Navy. In 2008, Neil founded Precision Hydrographic Services (PHS) which has established itself as one of the largest Australian-owned and operated hydrographic surveying companies. Neil supports the wider hydrography community through involvement in four different spatial committees, most notably the AHSCP which oversees certification of Level 1 and 2 hydrographic surveyors. Judges commented that Neil had demonstrated leadership and technical excellence over a long and distinguished career in hydrographic surveying, and that the application shows how highly regarded he is in the industry.

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