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Geospatial Excellence Award winners ACT

Geospatial Excellence Award winners ACT
Congratulations to the following 2023 ACT award winners, which were announced at our Awards Reception in Canberra on Thursday 16 November. These state winners are now eligible for the prestigious Oceanic competition, which will be announced as part of the Locate Conference in Sydney in May 2024.

Environment and Sustainability Award:

Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC), Geoscience Australia, Emergency Management Spatial Information Network Australia (EMSINA), and the Minderoo Foundation for National Bushfire Boundaries Dataset

The National Bushfire Boundaries dataset provides, for the first time, comprehensive information on historical bushfires in Australia, from the early 1900s to 2022. It was created to address the critical need for reliable and comprehensive historical bushfire data at a national scale, offering insights into bushfire patterns, ecosystem impacts, and environmental resilience. The dataset facilitates informed decision-making, supports ecological research, and aids the development of strategies for enhanced bushfire management and environmental resilience. With its transformative power and broad applications, this geospatially enabled dataset showcases the remarkable potential of geospatial data in addressing environmental challenges and promoting a resilient future.

Geospatial Enablement Award:

Geoscience Australia for National Positioning Infrastructure Capability

Geoscience Australia’s National Positioning Infrastructure Capability (NPIC) is delivering centimetre-accurate positioning services for government, business and academia. By unifying and expanding the country’s positioning infrastructure, NPIC provides precise positioning services, alongside access to real-time and historic data streams from Continuously Operating Reference Stations. NPIC’s integration with the Australian Geospatial Reference System ensures alignment and interoperability of valuable geospatial information. The project’s impact spans economic benefits, job creation, environmental efficiency and community safety. Judges said this was a nationally significant strategic initiative providing real and far-reaching benefits to multiple disciplines and communities, and an excellent example of how geospatial technology can encourage innovation.

Community Impact Award:

Australian Spatial Analytics and the Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Trade for Smartraveller Mapping – Delivering Community Impact Utilising a Neurodiverse Workforce

The Australian Spatial Analytics (ASA) is a work-integrated social enterprise, who provide career pathways in the Geospatial and Engineering industries to young Autistic people. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) maintains the Smartraveller website to help Australians travel overseas safely, reduce their risks and avoid or handle difficulties. DFAT has partnered with the ASA to deliver high quality and timely map products for their Smartraveller website, making community and social impact by utilising ASA’s neurodiverse workforce.

Judges said this project provides an outreach program which should be highly commended for its unique approach to engaging talented members of the community, in challenging and satisfying employment, within a spatial field. The new approach to providing mapping products on the SmartTraveller site is innovative and invaluable.

Innovation Award for Medium to Large Businesses: 

Geoscience Australia, FrontierSI, Industrial Science Group, Curtin University, University of Newcastle and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology for Ginan – GNSS Analysis Centre Software

Ginan is an Australian developed, open-source precise point positioning software toolkit, which calculates positions with centimetre-level accuracy using observations of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS). It can also be used to create correction data. Ginan is part of the Positioning Australia program managed by Geoscience Australia (GA), which provides accurate, reliable and real-time positioning data across Australia and its maritime zones.

Workforce Development and Inclusion Award:

Australian Bureau of Statistics, Location Inter-Departmental Committee Members for APS Geospatial Joined-Up Recruitment

Led by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, a joined-up approach to building a geospatial professional career stream has been delivered to ensure this profession contributes to a skilled, data capable Australian Public Sector workforce. Undertaking a cross-government recruitment programme strategically addressed the increased need for geospatial specialists within the Australian Public Sector, while also building collaborative relationships within the existing network or geospatial professionals. The judges said this was a very good demonstration of diversity and inclusion in recruitment and especially flexibility in job placement. And a strong application, for an initiative which is making a difference across the organisation and sets a great example for programs, which can be rolled out across other parts of government.

Professional of the Year Award:

Lisa Bush

Lisa is a highly respected geospatial professional, has had a long and successful career in the field, marked by exceptional leadership and achievements. Following a distinguished tenure in the Australian Defence Force, Lisa now leads the National Location Information Branch at Geoscience Australia. Lisa’s visionary initiatives and strategic impact, such as delivering the Digital Atlas of Australia, demonstrate her commitment to transforming Australia’s geospatial landscape. Moreover, Lisa’s ability to build relationships and connections across governments, sectors, and industries highlights her dedication to serving the nation through geospatial empowerment and her commitment to advancing the field. Judges said Lisa is an exceptional leader, consistently going above and beyond what is expected. Her contributions have had a significant and positive impact, especially in her dedication to supporting young professionals and providing valuable mentoring. Lisa is a worthy winner of this award.

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